Xplana™ for Institutions

What Xplana™ has to offer for Publishers

Featuring a user-friendly interface and a powerful suite of tools for turnkey digital publishing, Xplana delivers publishers the perfect outlet for creating and distributing premium content. Additionally, it provides a conduit for publishers to market their content to faculty and students directly within the platform.

An expedient content distribution model

With Xplana’s innovative publishing framework, you receive access to a multitude of content publishing tools so that you can easily convert books and other text-based resources into a true-to-text e-book format. You can also select from a variety of fulfillment options to prepare your content for sale to student customers.

To market your content, Xplana provides an extensive sales channel consisting of both direct-to-student online bookstores and on-campus university bookstores that utilize the Xplana database for print and digital adoptions. You receive a branded space that you can manage and customize, and you benefit from additional management and communication tools to stay connected with customers. Xplana even provides e-commerce services through your existing publisher Web site, giving you yet another way to sell your content.

Xplana’s e-book reader gives students who use your content a highly-interactive experience by delivering features such as annotation tools, practice activities, and rich audio and video. Students can access their content online or offline through a downloadable version that provides an identical reading experience.

Finally, to ensure your content is secure, Xplana offers several forms of DRM so that you may control user access in both an online and offline environment.